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Cmm Calibration Systems

Welcome to CMM Calibration Systems LLC Online.

We are centrally located in St Louis to better service your CMM in any part of the North America.

  • Aberlink – All models and software
  • Brown and sharpe - all vertical and most horizontal cmm’s and software
  • Boice - all
  • Cordax (Sheffield) – bendix, cordax, 1800 series, rm and rs series, Apollo, endeavor, discovery I, ii, and iii and softwares
  • Dea – iota, gamma, epsilon, beta, delta, lambda, swift, and softwares
  • Hamm – ha-7 (Horizontal Arm Measuring Machine)
  • Helmel - all
  • Ims – merlin, impact, umpire and software's
  • Leitz (bns) all
  • Lk- (Metris, Nikon) g80, g80c, g90, g90c and lkdmis and camio
  • Mitutoyo – apex, bright, b-series, bn, bhn series, fn series, crysta apex
  • Numerex - all
  • Portage – most (most have been retrofitted, it depends on the retrofit)
  • Starrett – all
  • Wenzel – all
  • Zeiss – c-400, contura, eclipse, mmz, vast

If your machine is not listed please call or email for availability of service
We service most aftermarket software’s including open dmis, qct, cmm manager, quadra check, pcdmis, measure max, max lite, apagee, cam 2, and many others.

Cleaning, Calibration & Certification Of Services Provided
(All procedures comply with B89.4.1-2000, ISO-9001, ISO/IEC 17025)

  • Verify and adjust as necessary, the Linear Accuracy of the X,Y & Z axes to within O.E.M specifications, using an accuracy standard traceable to the N.I.S.T.
  • Verify and adjust as necessary the XY, YZ and ZX squareness to within O.E.M specifications using a Ballbar.
  • Verify and adjust the Volumetric Accuracy to within the O.E.M. & B89.4.1- 2000 specifications.
  • Verify the machine repeatability.
  • Inspect, clean and adjust all machine covers.
  • Inspect and clean all bearing ways.
  • Inspect all air bearings and check for proper pre-load adjustment.
  • Inspect and clean all reading head/encoder scales.
  • Inspect and adjust all reading head/encoder signals to o.e.m. spec.
  • Inspect all fan filters.
  • Verify correct air supply pressure.
  • Confirm and adjust the machine level.
  • confirm and adjust the servo electronics if necessary
  • Confirm and adjust all servo drive mechanisms if necessary.
  • Confirm and adjust the joystick(s) if necessary.
  • Confirm the Z-axis fail-safe for proper operation.
  • Confirm for proper counter-balance operation.
  • Verify and adjust the Touch Probe Gauge Force to within spec.
  • Make specific recommendations in writing as to any part that needs replacing or any action needed to  increase the machine productivity or
  • maintain its accuracy.
  • Issue a Calibration Sticker and Certificate of Calibration, (certificate includes: mfg. specs, before and after readings).



Differences Between Calibration and Certification

The ability to make changes is the key difference. There are many factors that will contribute errors in the measuring process, which intern, would result in poor results for our customers.
These errors include the Linear Accuracy, Squareness, Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Straightness, Repeatability and Volumetric Accuracy.

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